Most, most of, the most



We use most (without the/this/that/my/etc.) with nouns to mean ‘the majority of’ something.

  • Most people can’t work from home. (NOT most of people)
  • I have some bad days but most days are good. 

We can use most + noun to talk about the majority of people or things in general

  • Most students like online learning.

most of

We use most of before the/this/that/my/etc.

  • Most of the students in my class practice sports. (NOT most of students)
  • Most of this information is not true. 

We can also use most of + object pronoun.

  • Most of us come from poor families. 
  • They arrested most of them.

Be careful with this common mistake!

We say most or most of (NOT the most) to talk about the majority of something.

  • Most students like online learning. (NOT the most students)
  • Most of us come from poor families. (NOT the most of us)

the most

We say the most before adjectives or adverbs to make the superlative form.

  • These are the most comfortable sofas you can buy. 
  • Here you can find the most beautiful views in the region. 

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