Accommodation – Reading test


Read a letter about accommodation and for questions 1 to 10, choose the correct option.


To: Ellie Crest

Subject: Surfing Holiday

Hi Ellie,

I’m so pleased you can come surfing in August! Paul, Rose and Kevin are coming too, so there will be five of us. We’ve decided to return to New Sands for a couple of days, because the surf board hire is so cheap there.

I’m starting to think about accommodation. We won’t camp again after last year! I hated staying in a tent in all that rain!

Kevin wants to hire a caravan. There are some nice ones with 3 bedrooms, showers and cooking facilities. The problem is, none of the caravan parks take short bookings in the summer. The minimum stay is a week. It’s a shame because there are several nice parks near the beach.

There’s a hostel for young people in New Sands. It’s the cheapest option after camping, and there’s a big kitchen and dining room where we can cook. The problem is, accommodation is in dormitories and I don’t really want to sleep with strangers.

There are a few guest houses in New Sands. Some have triple rooms, so we only need to book two rooms. We’ll have to book soon if we choose that option, because many guest houses are already full. The hotels in New Sands are too expensive, although I’d love to stay at the Sunrise Pavilion with its large pool!

The final option is to rent a cottage. I found one. It has three bedrooms – a double, a single and a twin, so two of us would have to share a bed! There’s a big kitchen diner with a microwave, washing machine and dishwasher. The living room has a TV and DVD player. There’s just one bathroom, but there’s a separate WC. There’s a nice garden too. The problem is, it’s 5 miles from the beach.

Let me know which option you prefer.




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