Going to the mall – Reading test


Read the text about travelling around the USA and for questions 1 to 7, choose the correct answer.

Going to the Mall

Every city in the USA has a mall or four. There are about 1,100 malls in the US. These giant store-filled buildings are one of America’s greatest entertainment options for teens and families.

Mall of America in Minnesota is the largest mall. It is so big that it has an amusement park in it, Nickelodeon Universe, with several roller coasters! There are more than 500 stores in it, about 400,000m2 and about 12,000 people work there.

But malls nowadays aren’t the same as they used to be in the 80s and 90s. During those decades, teens would go to the mall and spend hours shopping, playing video games at the arcade, or just hanging out with friends. It was cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In those days, malls provided the perfect source of shopping and entertainment for entire families.

Nowadays, you can still eat in the food court and go to the movies, but there aren’t many arcades left. Millennials have their Xboxes or Ps4s, and they like shopping online, which is also happening with more and more people from other generations. And as more people shop online and play video games at home, fewer people go to the mall to hang out.

Hopefully, malls will remain one of the great American pastimes. But only time will tell how people in the future will prefer to spend their time.


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