It’s in the news – Reading test


Read the following news and for questions 1 to 5, choose the correct option.

It’s in the news

Texting while walking is dangerous

Writing text messages and walking is dangerous. It is more dangerous than driving and texting. More people get injured while walking than driving. Walking in a straight line is not easy. We can forget how to walk properly. Dangerous things can happen. We run into people or cars. We fall over things in the street.

There are a few reasons why texting and walking is dangerous. People cannot see when they look at their keyboard. Their minds are somewhere else – they are not thinking about walking safely. Thousands of people have accidents. Some have serious head injuries.
Too much jogging could be a problem!

Running is good for our health. A recent study says that running too much is bad for us and it doesn’t always make our lives longer. A specialist said too much running can damage your heart. Long-distance runners and people who never exercise can have the same risk of having a heart

Experts looked at the health of 3,300 runners. Most of them ran over 30 kilometres a week. Marathon runners had hard parts in their heart. A doctor who started running in 1967 is sad. He ran 60 kilometres every week. He thought his heart was strong. Now he has heart problems. He said we should exercise, but not too much.


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